About Our Organization

About Us

The Al-Nejashi Reconstruction and Development Initiative (ARDI)  is dedicated to the restoration of the Al-Nejashi Masjid, an iconic world wonder of Islamic heritage that has suffered severe damage during the devastating Ethiopia-Tigray war. 

What else …

  • Preservation and documentation of the Al-Nejashi historical and religious practices through research, seminar, workshop, etc.
  • Awareness creation and community engagement to mobilize local community and foster appreciation of the site.
  • Collaboration with the academia and organization to promote heritage preservation and cultural exchange.


Our mission is to develop Al-Nejashi into a world-class cultural and religious tourism destination and offer Muslims worldwide spiritual experience and connect them to the early history of Islam.


Rooted in reverence for our religious traditions and cultural legacy, our vision is to transform Alnejashi into a beacon of spiritual enlightenment, cultural richness, and communal harmony.

Work With Us!


Join us in a rewarding volunteer opportunity to safeguard the rich cultural and religious heritage of Al-Nejashi, a 7th-century marvel. As a volunteer, you’ll play a vital role in conservation efforts, community engagement, and promoting awareness about this historic site