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Unique architecture and design

The Al-Nejashi Design and Architectural Principles

The current state of the Al-Nejashi site may not fully reflect the rich cultural and Islamic tradition of the Habesha people in Ethiopia. The Al-Nejashi Mosque, being one of the oldest mosques in Africa, holds deep historical significance, especially within the context of early Islamic history in the region.
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Saving the Al-Nejashi heritage from ruin

The Al-Nejashi Site Reconstruction

Al-Nejashi Mosque was looted and attacked. It was struck by heavy artillery, damaging its dome, the minaret and the tombs of 15 companions of Prophet Muhammad. Eighty Tigrayans were killed while protecting the sacred Mosque from invading forces.
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Grand vision for a world-class Islamic heritage

The Al-Nejashi Site Development

The Al-Nejashi Mosque, situated in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, holds significant historical and cultural value, particularly within the Islamic tradition. While it may not have the same global recognition as iconic sites like Mecca, Medina, or Jerusalem, it is nonetheless an important part of Africa's religious and cultural heritage.
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Multiple Events & Conferences

ARDI with partners organizes events including conferences and workshops around its cause.

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