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Let’s help restore this 7th-century cultural and religious site to its rightful place as a global Islamic heritage. The Al-Nejashi site is where the cemetery of the King Ashama (Negus) and early followers of Islam reside.


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Our mission is to develop Al-Nejashi into a world-class cultural and religious tourism destination and offer Muslims worldwide spiritual experience and connect them to the early history of Islam.

ARDI is an international home-grown non-profit organization.

Al-Nejashi Development

The ambition to develop Al-Nejashi into a world class cultural and religious destination is set. The site plan entails a tourism destination, higher education and Islamic research center.

Al-Nejashi Islamic Research Center

Islamic Research Center

Al-Nejashi is a 7th century heritage with a rich history of tolerance and hospitality among peoples of different faiths and cultures, and traditional Muslim leaders in particular and the community from different faiths have preserved the Al-Nejashi cultural and religious heritage in spite of internal and external challenges. A facility like this can significantly contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and social growth of our society and beyond.
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Al-Nejashi Tourism


Ethiopia is home to some of the oldest cultural and religious attraction sites in the world, such as Axum, Lalibela, Harar. Although not developed and less known globally, the Al-Nejashi site is a 7th century Islamic and cultural heritage with immense symbolic significance to the world, such as religious tolerance, compassion between peoples of different nations and religions. In the site, the oldest mosque, Al-Nejashi Mosque (Arabic: مَسْجِد ٱلنَّجَاشِي‎, romanized: Masjid an-Najāshī) is found as well as the cemetery of companions from the early Islamic era. The mosque was  recently damaged in the Ethiopia-Tigray conflict. Thanks to the peace agreement signed in Nov 2022, the Tigray tourism has commenced its work. Therefore, turning the Al-Nejashi site into a tourist destination means sharing its value to the world as well as supporting the region’s economy in the postwar reconstruction effort.
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Al-Nejashi Education


The restoration and strengthening of Tigray’s educational system is urgently required in the wake of the Ethiopia-Tigray war. The region’s youth and educational infrastructure suffered terrible effects from the battle, which broke out in November 2020 and lasted for more than two years. According to a damage assessment conducted in December 2021, around 2,146 members of Tigray school community were killed, 70% percent of them female. Furthermore, 88.27% of classrooms, 31.65% administrative blocks of the 2,054 assessed schools were damaged or completely destroyed.
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War-Damaged Al-Nejashi Site

The destruction of Al-Nejashi Mosque is a tragic loss of cultural and historical heritage, robbing future generations of a significant landmark with deep religious and historical significance.
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Multiple Events & Conferences

ARDI with partners organizes events including conferences and workshops around its cause.

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To support the Alnejashi Reconstruction and Development Heritage and contribute towards preserving our cultural legacy, please consider donating today. Your generosity will help us safeguard our heritage for future generations. Thank you for your support!

ARDI is an international home-grown non-profit organization.

ARDI Causes

ARDI has embarked on a journey to restore the site and make it available for visitors, and also envisions to develop it into a world-class heritage site. As a 7th century heritage of great significance, ARDI aims to register it in the UNESCO together with governmental and non-governmental entities.

ARDI is an international home-grown non-profit organization.

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War scars Al-Nejashi, Ethiopia’s historic mosque, but peace brings hope. Be a member, donate now, and rebuild a symbol of tolerance, together.

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